ERO’s team of experienced project managers and qualified technical and support staff has a long history of completing environmental analyses for mining, oil and gas, and other extractive projects. ERO assists a wide range of private, federal, state, and local clients with addressing challenges associated with project planning, approval, and permitting compliance to achieve project implementation. ERO’s repertoire includes leading all phases of the NEPA process and preparing analyses for EAs and EISs, preparing permit applications, preparing technical reports, and conducting site reviews and field surveys in support of hard rock, coal, and uranium mine projects and oil and gas development. ERO’s extensive experience providing environmental services on controversial projects in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, and other areas in the western U.S. and our familiarity with the pertinent regulations and approval processes ensures that project delays and legal liabilities will be minimized. ERO’s technical team and trusted partners have expertise in disciplines applicable to extractive industries such as hydrogeology, surface water hydrology, water quality, geotechnical engineering, mine design, biology, cultural resources, and visual resources.

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