Exciting News from Fishers Peak State Park!

Alexus Kelley News

Governor Jared Polis officially opened the trail to the summit on November 19th, 2023, marking a significant milestone for the local community and statewide adventurers.

Our Environmental Planning lead, Bill Mangle, had the honor of joining the Sunday morning hike and participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the peak alongside Governor Jared Polis, DNR Director Dan Gibbs, CPW Director Jeff Davis, Fishers Peak State Park Manager Crystal Dreiling, and Kevin Shanks with THK Associates.

ERO played a crucial role in the environmental planning for the 8-mile trail to the 9,633-foot summit of Fishers Peak State Park near Trinidad. Following the completion of a master plan for the park in 2022, our efforts have included site reconnaissance, habitat evaluation, trail planning and design, cultural resource surveys, tribal engagement, and construction oversight.