Staff Cultural Resource Specialist II, Durango, CO

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October 1, 2022

Staff Cultural Resource Specialist II, Durango, CO

Do you have a passion for Archaeology? Being active and outdoors in the beautiful Colorado wilderness? How about backpacking? How does combining these to solve intricate challenges through teamwork and technical expertise.  Great? If so, ERO is for you.  We are seeking a Staff Cultural Resource Specialist for our Durango, CO Office.

At ERO, we have done exactly that for 40 years. Our diverse team of scientists, planners, and subject matter experts work together to craft innovative solutions within regulatory framework while balancing change in our region with natural and cultural resources protection.  Did we mention ERO is DBE, MWBE, and SBE certified in Colorado?

We’re always looking for dynamic and engaged people to join our team! Bring your expertise, your ingenuity, and your vision. Let’s see the impact we can create, together.

Staff Cultural Resource Specialist II are responsible for applying technical skills in archaeology to support cultural resource projects.  Staff Cultural Resource Specialist II are expected to possess, at a minimum, the basic skills in archaeology to approach and accomplish assigned tasks with little day-to-day direction.  This position predominantly requires fieldwork but may include office duties.  General tasks include field survey, identifying cultural resources and assisting a crew chief with site documentation, including form completion, photography, mapping, and artifact analysis; field duties may also include shovel testing and archaeological excavation. Office duties may include site form drafting, report preparation, and artifact processing and analysis.

The position requires working variable days / hours. Overtime may be accrued and will be compensated at time and a half. Fieldwork may require an 8-day on / 6-day off schedule and overnight travel is required. This position is based in an ERO designated office with an option for a hybrid work schedule based on employee performance, business needs, field work and client needs. 

Minimum Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology or related subfield.
  • An accredited field school certification in archaeology; and
  • 6 months of applicable experience, with preference for Colorado-based experience.

Physical Requirements

Projects may require pedestrian survey and extended use of hand tools, including shovels and other archeological excavation equipment.   Applicants must be physically capable to perform all aspects of fieldwork including strenuous hiking with a backpack that could exceed 10 miles a day.  Testing and excavation projects often require the excavation of 10 or more shovel tests in a single day using hand tools and shovels; lifting 50-pound buckets; and screening for extended periods.

Performance Expectations and Responsibilities

Cultural Resource Specialists II will conduct assigned tasks safely and efficiently under the immediate supervision of a crew chief, field director, or project manager.  Fieldwork can entail survey, shovel testing, and archaeological excavation. This position will assist with administrative duties, as needed. The ideal candidate has written and verbal communication skills, is self-motivated, organized and detail oriented. 

Expected Pre-field Duties (approximately 10% of time)

  • Organize and load equipment into vehicles and prepare for fieldwork.
  • Maintain equipment, as directed.
  • Assist with the file and literature review and archival research.
  • Compile necessary maps and forms and load into tablets and GPS units; and
  • Direct Technicians for fieldwork preparation.

Expected Field Duties (approximately 60% of time)

  • Support crew chief, field director, or project manager with all requested field tasks.
  • protocol.
  • Drive company vehicle to project site (may require 4WD operation).
  • Collect digital and spatial data with tablets, digital cameras, and GPS.
  • Complete digital or hard copy field forms, at the direction of the crew chief.
  • Complete in-field artifact analysis, at the direct of the crew chief.
  • Maintain a fieldwork notebook; and
  • Self-perform quality control.

Expected Post-field Duties (approximately 15% of time)

  • Unload equipment from field vehicles.
  • Upload field data from the tablets and GPS units to the project folder.
  • Acquire necessary data (i.e., legal locations, environmental information) to complete site forms.
  • Complete site forms in Access.  
  • Perform artifact washing, flotation, data entry, artifact analysis, and artifact curation preparation;
  • Perform research to support report preparation, as assigned.
  • Write report section(s), as assigned.
  • Assist with drafting technical memorandums and reports under the direction of a supervisor.
  • Compile, Pdf, and print documents.
  • Other tasks, as assigned; and
  • Self-perform quality control.

Required Skills and Abilities

ERO offers a very competitive compensation package that includes:

Residents with in-state experience are preferred. ERO offers a hybrid work arrangement but would like the preferred candidate to be based in the Durango area.

If you are qualified for this position, please email a cover letter and resume describing your education and experience to PDF format is required. Applicants selected for interviews will be asked to provide at least three references.

ERO participates in e-verify and pre-employment background screening services. ERO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and covered veterans to apply. For more information about ERO, visit our website at