Salt River Project

Bartlett Dam - Salt River Project

Since 1984, ERO has worked with the Salt River Project (SRP) regarding water rights, hydrology, permitting, and environmental compliance on a wide range of projects throughout Arizona.  SRP is a major surface and ground water user in Arizona and provides water and electricity to much of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Typical projects include:

  • Evaluation of hydrologic impacts from surface water diversions and ground water pumping
  • Economic and environmental evaluation of alternative water sources
  • Preparation of habitat conservation plans and environmental impact statements for reservoir operations
  • Evaluation of federal and state water rights including appraisals
  • Remote sensing, image processing, and geographic information system analyses of historical and current land use patterns

Arapahoe Grasslands Study

Hydrogeologist measuring stream cross-section and flow

On behalf of Arapahoe County, Colorado State Lands, and other partners, ERO conducted surveys and research to determine whether surface and shallow ground water are adequate to support specific conservation goals in the Arapahoe Grasslands Conservation Area.  Tasks include:

  • Collecting hydrologic and ecosystem field data
  • Developing a ground water model of the conservation area
  • Evaluating potential flow increases due to development
  • Investigating existing water rights on Coal Creek and Box Elder Creek watersheds
  • Modeling options for water harvesting
  • Evaluating ecosystem water requirements

Mojave National Preserve

Mojave National Preserve

ERO is working with the National Park Service to develop a comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan (Plan) for springs, seeps, water diversions, and artificial water sources within the 1.6-million-acre Mojave National Preserve in California.  The Plan will include associated National Environmental Policy Act and Endangered Species Act compliance, and articulate a proactive, system wide approach to managing water resources in balance with cultural, wildlife, recreation, and other resources.  The Plan will also evaluate existing water resources and management activities addressing various issues, including:

  • Surface water and ground water resources
  • Riparian and wetland sites
  • Water quality
  • Water rights
  • Wildlife water needs

Idylwilde Hydroelectric Project

Spillway on Big Thompson River

ERO is assisting the City of Loveland, Colorado to relicense the Idylwilde Hydroelectric Project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  The relicensing process required a description of the existing environment and the potential impacts of the project on environmental resources.  As part of the relicensing process, ERO prepared preapplication materials associated with water resources, which addressed the following:

  • Water rights and management
  • Watershed characteristics, stream flows, and instream flows
  • Cumulative impacts relative to other water projects

Pine Brook Water District Project

Riparian vegetation monitoring along Fourmile Creek

ERO prepared a hydrologic and water rights evaluation for a reservoir that was proposed to assure an adequate drinking water and firefighting water supply for a rural residential development in Boulder County, Colorado. Tasks included:

  • Assessing existing water supplies and storage needs to determine the reservoir's ideal size
  • Evaluating the dependability and yield of the water district's existing surface and ground water rights
  • Testifying before the County Commissioners, who approved the project

The reservoir received the U.S. Society on Dams' 2007 Award of Excellence in recognition of its significant contributions to society through the construction and remediation of water resource projects, creative responses to meet the challenges of limited financial resources, and sensitivity to environmental issues.

Massey Draw Phosphorus Reduction Project

ERO assisted in improving an undeveloped section of Massey Draw, which had been a major contributor of phosphorus to Colorado’s Chatfield Reservoir, by:

  • Calculating storm event runoff volumes, average runoff from the Massey Draw watershed, and phosphorus loading under current conditions in the watershed
  • Evaluating alternatives and developing costs to reduce phosphorus loading, control erosion, and improve wildlife habitat along Massey Draw
  • Assisting with presentations to interested stakeholders and funding source agencies

After funding was received, ERO assisted with designing the stream and wetland habitats, trails, and interpretative signs; and provided construction oversight.

Cucumber Gulch

ERO assisted the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado with protecting the water quality and wetlands of Cucumber Gulch, a fragile high mountain fen wetland surrounded by existing and proposed developments that affect its water supply. Tasks included:

  • Reviewing and providing input to storm water plans, drainage plans, and Best Management Practices
  • Assisting with the water quality monitoring plan, surface and ground water sampling in the gulch, reviewing the sampling results, and providing recommendations
  • Providing the town with annual reports
  • Developing a plan of action to address any water quality degradation in Cucumber Gulch in a timely manner