ERO is a recognized leader in natural resource planning for public lands, conservation efforts, and trail design.  We specialize in projects that involve technical resource issues, complex policy constraints, and diverse community interest, providing solutions that are responsive to the unique needs of each situation.  In addition, our strong working relationships with federal and state land management agencies, local governments, regulatory agencies, and the conservation community continues be an asset for our clients.
1Natural resource management planning
ERO specializes in the inventory of critical resources, identification of issues and opportunities, and strategic recommendations that balance sometimes-competing objectives in clearly written, situation-specific, and action-oriented plans.
2Trail and recreation planning
ERO has considerable experience with on-site trail design, trail planning processes, and trail plans that balance natural resource protection, quality user experience, and community needs.
3Baseline inventory and assessment
ERO has completed dozens of baseline inventories and rapid resource assessments in support of conservation easement documentation and open space management planning.
4Regional conservation planning
Ranging from municipal open space to multicounty conservation plans, ERO brings experience developing landscape-scale conservation strategies that are strategic and responsive to the resource values and human communities in the area.
5Management policy development
ERO has assisted local governments and management agencies in developing natural resource and public use management policies that are technically sound, relevant to addressing the issues at hand, equitable, and implementable.
6Public process and facilitation
As a critical component of most planning projects, ERO has successfully developed and facilitated public processes that are efficient, provide diverse and meaningful opportunities for stakeholder input, and provide decision makers with a clear understanding of the opportunities and trade-offs influencing management decisions.