Environmental, Safety, and Health Impact Assessment

Project overview up Clear Creek Canyon
ERO Resources conducted a formal Class I overview of Chevron’s proposed Skinner Ridge Development in Garfield County, Colorado, comprising 60,000 acres of privately owned land on the Roan Plateau.  ERO generated a predictive model using the Class I data that divided the project area into three environmental zones, each characterized according to predicted site densities of high, medium, and low.  Data from the Class I overview was incorporated into an Environmental, Safety, and Health Impact Assessment prepared by second party contractor. 

Arkansas Valley Conduit

A view of a pipeline alternative route
ERO prepared a formal Class I overview for the 227-mile long Arkansas Valley Conduit water pipeline.  In order to provide comparison between the five alternatives, in an area with relatively few documented cultural resources, ERO developed a predictive model for estimating the number of surface and buried archaeological sites.  Variables included age of landform and corresponding soil type over a 400,000 acre area.