Clover Valley Lumber Company Railroad

In support of a FHWA project on the Plumas National Forest in California, ERO prepared a treatment plan to resolve anticipated adverse effects on the Clover Valley Lumber Company Railroad grade.  ERO documented 18 affected segments, including three segments chosen for high-resolution digital photographs and one segment chosen for a measured elevation drawing.  The documentation was completed to Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) modified Level II standards.

George E. Tryon Bridge

ERO, under contract to the FHWA, developed and implemented a treatment plan to resolve adverse effects from the replacement of a historic bridge eligible under Criterion C for its engineering significance. The treatment plan stipulated a Level II HAER to Caltrans standards, including narrative history and engineering description, high-resolution digital photographs of the bridge, and redrafting of the original as-built drawings, which are in poor condition.

Evans Gulch Reservoir Flume

ERO, under the permitting authority of the Corps, completed Level II historic resource documentation of a historic wooden flume on behalf of the Parkville Water District in the City of Leadville, Colorado. The memorandum of agreement stipulated high-resolution digital photographs, engineering and historical narratives, and scaled elevation and plan view measured drawings.  ERO also designed an interpretive sign that will be placed in front of a preserved section of the flume at the Leadville Mining Museum.

Level II Historic Resource Documentation, Farmers’ Highline Canal Headworks

Headworks at Farmers’ Highline Canal
ERO was contracted to complete baseline documentation and Level II historic resource documentation for the extensive canal headworks in Jefferson County, Colorado. ERO completed a modified Historic American Engineering Record to state standards that included high resolution digital photographs, scaled elevation drawings, and a narrative history that required archival research. We accommodated an accelerated schedule by including the high resolution digital photographs and the narrative history during baseline documentation; essentially completing the Level II work by the time the memorandum of agreement with the State Historic Preservation Officer was signed to ensure that our client would be able to rehabilitate the headworks on schedule.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

The NPS proposed phased improvements and rehabilitation of the Rim Drive and Rim Village Historic Districts in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. ERO completed detailed measurements of the affected features, scaled measured drawings, high-resolution digital photographs, and narrative descriptions of each feature prior to rehabilitation, including masonry headwalls and guardwalls at designed overlooks.

Rodtky Creek Bridge Documentation

Rodtky Creek Bridge
ERO was contracted by the Federal Highway Administration to complete a Historic American Engineering Record to state standards for the Rodtky Creek Bridge, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.  ERO completed photo documentation, measured drawings, and a narrative history.

Wildcat Canyon Bridge Historic Resource Documentation

Wildcat Canyon Bridge
As one of the oldest remaining bridges in La Plata County, Colorado, ERO completed a Historic American Engineering Record to state standards on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers and La Plata County for a bridge replacement project.  ERO completed photographic documentation, measured drawings, and a narrative history within an accelerated timeframe due to a pending construction schedule.

4671 Sherman Street Property, Historic Resource Documentation

Front view of Sherman House
Habitat for Humanity contracted with ERO to conduct Level II Historic Resource Documentation for a property that contributes to a historic district in Colorado.  Photographic documentation, measured drawings, and a narrative history were prepared per an existing memorandum of agreement.