Columbia Cemetery Geophysical Survey

ERO’s Historic Archaeologist conducts ground penetrating radar
ERO conducted ground penetrating radar and resistivity surveys along the Anderson Ditch and within the historic Columbia Cemetery to locate unmarked graves.  The City of Boulder proposed work to mitigate water seepage from the Anderson Ditch that was adversely affecting known graves and potentially many unmarked graves.  With excellent proxy data from known grave signatures, ERO had a high degree of confidence that no unmarked graves would be affected by the work. 

Geophysical Prospecting Survey of the Big White/Alderin Creek Site

Overview of the 19-acre project area

ERO conducted a geophysical survey of approximately 19 acres in an area adjacent to the Big White/Alderin Creek site in Mercer County, North Dakota, along the upper Missouri River.  The site was believed to be the location of the historic village of Big White, a Mandan chief visited by Lewis and Clark in 1806.  Basin Electric Power Cooperative contracted ERO to examine the archaeological potential of the site and evaluate the results against future development plans.  The geophysical data indicated 30 anomalies that are likely buried archaeological features.

Mitigation Excavation, Hurdy Gurdy Bridge Site

Pithouse structure, post-excavation
ERO teamed with ArchaeoPhysics to conduct magnetometer and resistivity surveys over an ancestral Tolowa village in California to help focus excavation.